At Menorca in Person, we provide comprehensive urban-property support and management with solid legal backing specific for investors.

FINDING THE RIGHT PLOT. We find the optimal land to develop your projects. We pinpoint those properties that will provide you with the best return. We locate undervalued assets with high potential.

VIABILITY STUDIES. We carry out viability studies for the investment plan.

FULL CONSULTING SERVICES. We provide full consulting services (commercial, legal, tax, financial, construction and technical) for asset transactions.

MARKETING STRATEGIES. We develop marketing strategies and manage the sale of your products

PORTFOLIO EVALUATION. We assess the market value of the properties in your portfolio.

SSETMANAGEMENT. We strive to streamline the management of your real estate assets and provide all necessary services for their management.

INVESTOR CONTACTS. We can find you investors, partners and real estate financing.

LAND DEVELOPMENT. We will be at your side throughout the process of land development: negotiation of urban planning agreements, drafting and modification of urban planning documents, setting up and management of Compensation Boards, drafting of compensation and development projects.

DOCUMENT PROCESSING. We can arrange all necessary licenses, permits and authorizations for the completion of your projects.